Learn to Machine Quilt with Natalia Bonner

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Follow your dreams, do what feels right with your soul, don't regret the past, and move forward with hope. You can do it! - Let's get stitching!

Machine quilting with rulers is one of Natalia's favorite things to do. Rulers are a great tool, they help you achieve some pretty precise results in a small amount of time. Yes, there's a bit of a learning curve, so Natalia's created this fun free stitch-along as a way to help you build your machine quliting with ruler library.

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Machine quilting with rulers can create precise results. Join Natalia as she machine quilts these beautiful quilt blocks. Blocks in this video are on the bottom Natalia's new stitch-along the 9 Patchalong 2.0

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In this second edition of Natalia's hit 9 Patchalong stitch-along, Natalia will teach you how-to think beyond the blocks. We'll stitch 9 new designs on 9 patch quilt blocks. There will be a bit of modern quilting, a bit of more traditional quilting and quite a bit of marking. Natalia will also include 9 bonus designs and 1 fun geometric background filler.

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Natalia is one of my favorite longarm quilters and Brad has been wonderful to work with on the few occasions I needed help with my orders. Love that the business is family owned and run. I especially enjoy following and supporting Natalia on Patreon and truly appreciate all the enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise she shares with her patrons.

Wendy O.

I really appreciate your talent. I have noticed some quilters are super focused on quilting everything to death, but you seem super in touch with the quilting accentuating where necessary, vs just always taking over the quilt. It's always fun to see what you've got going on - very inspiring!

Amanda B.

Love following you on YouTube. Really enjoyed the Let's Stitch Quilt blocks class and books. As a retired person although I want to do a border class sometime this year, it depends on finances. Keep up the good work. It is awesome that you offer a variety of ways to learn... short classes, longer classes, some free opportunities... something for everyone. Thank you and Brad and family so much.

Joyce G.