Let's Get Started!

We all start somewhere. Like Natalia, many of us start with a new or used machine. Before you begin your machine quilting journey you should get to know your machine, and your machine dealer! Learn the basics of your machine, including how to thread it, how to run it and how to perform general maintenance on your machine.
beginners guide to free motion quilting
With your machine now set up, it's time to start quilting. Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting is the perfect place to start. In this online class and book Natalia walks you step-by-step through her process of machine quilting. She'll cover the basics, including pulling up your thread, stopping and starting. You'll start out with simple loops and swirls and by the end of this class you'll be ready to start quilting feathers.

Once you're feeling confident about your basic free-motion quilting skills it's time to start adding a few tricks to your quilting library. Machine-quilting with rulers can add so much to your quilts; the precision and variety of quilting that can be done with rulers is incredible.

We encourage you to start with Natalia's five machine quilting rulers. We recommend all five, but if you want to start with just two the minis are awesome for learning. Next, you'll want to pick up Natalia's book, Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting. This awesome book will walk you step-by-step through the basics of machine-quilting with rulers. But you can't accomplish awesome quilting without the correct tools, so you'll want to make sure you're using a ruler foot, an extended base plate and our Piece N Quilt Pop Socket Ruler Grips.

Now that you're feeling good about the basics, let's start the fun! For a simple stitch-along and a great place to start we suggest you join our 9 Patchalong or the 9 Patchalong 2.0. These two stitch-alongs are fast and small enough that you can quilt a complete quilt top in a short time. When you finish your quilt top you'll be ready to roll!

Ready to really step it up? Let's Stitch A Block A Day is Natalia's free online stitch-along that features 365 quilt block designs, all quilted using Natalia's machine quilting rulers. This stitch-along is awesome and your quilting library will be bursting after you stitch out all 365 designs. We've also created what some are calling a "Quilt Block Bible" companion book. This book features all 365 block designs in full color, to scale, plus there are QR codes that link you directly from that book to the companion video in our class dashboard!

Now that you're feeling really good about your machine quilting skills, you're almost ready to tackle the quilting world. But first, you'll want to check out a few specialty classes and books.


lets stitch a figurative quiltLet's Stitch A Figurative Quilt, Let's Stitch Flying Geese and Let's Stitch Quilt Blocks are three awesome classes that teach you step-by-step how-to machine-quilt quilt blocks. Natalia shows you her methods, including stitch-in-the-ditch, ruler work, feathers, background fillers and sew much more. These classes are fabulous. (You can bundle and save.)

Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers is a must have for any quilter wanting to learn to quilt or even improve your feather skills. This class and book feature over 60 feather designs that include amazing block and border designs. 
Our Piece N Quilt Academy is full of in-depth tutorial videos that will show you how to quilt an entire quilt, from start to finish. The Academy features two easy-to-use programs allowing you to pick the plan that works best for you, either paying for one video at a time, or paying a monthly subscription rate that will give you full access to every video in our library.

You'll want to finish filling your machine-quilting library with out of this world border designs. These designs may look intimidating, but in Let's Stitch Scallops and Let's Stitch Borders & Sashing Natalia will teach you, in-depth, how-to machine quilt over 20 gorgeous border designs. 

lets stitch a year of starsTo finish off 2021 you won't want to miss our year-long stitch-along, Let's Stitch A Year of Stars. In this free stitch-along Natalia will teach how to quilt a new star quilt block on the first of every month, all year long. But, if you want to take your skills to a new level, Natalia has also created a more advanced paid version of this quilt!

We all start somewhere. You will never improve if you don't jump in and start practicing. Practice every single day, even if it's just 20 minutes. Practice on your machine, practice with a Quilter's Sketchbook, practice in the waiting room, in your sewing room, or even on your couch. Just keep practicing!

Now, let's get stitching!